mardi 14 décembre 2021


December 13, 2021 - by Heather Cox Richardson

(…) texts from lawmakers to Meadows begging Trump to call off the rioters, making it crystal clear that those closest to him understood that those attacking the Capitol would respond to his orders. Those writing the texts to Meadows about the president also included his son Donald Trump, Jr. (why was he communicating with his father through Meadows?), and Fox News Channel personalities Laura Ingraham, Brian Kilmeade, and Sean Hannity, revealing how dangerously intertwined the right-wing media system is with Republican lawmakers. “This is hurting all of us,” Ingraham wrote to Meadows during the insurrection. And yet, Trump remained unmoved for 187 minutes while our Capitol was under attack and lawmakers hid from the mob. Thompson told reporters that “the information we received has been quite revealing about members of Congress involved in the activities of January 6th as well as staff.” After begging Trump to call off his supporters during the insurrection, the same personalities went in front of their audiences on camera and lied that Trump had nothing to do with the insurrection. Ingraham, for example, blamed Antifa for the attack on the Capitol, suggested the riot was staged by provocateurs, and suggested there were just three dozen people. Trump had expected counter-protesters and had been prepared to use the ensuing violence as a pretext to declare martial law.

 Il y avait donc un Coup d'État en préparation, mais qui n'a pas tourné comme ils le prévoyaient parce qu'ils pensaient que la foule chauffée à blanc allait s'opposer à des contre-manifestants ou lyncher le vice-président ce qui aurait permis à Trump de déclarer la loi martiale et de faire invalider le résultat de l'élection.