lundi 7 janvier 2013

Player One

Vautour fauve au zoo de Doué-La-Fontaine, juin 2012.

"The thing about being poor is that it takes up all of your time "
He knows that what makes human beings different from eveything else on the planet — or possibly in the universe, for that matter — is that they have the ability to experience the passing of time and they have the free will to make the most of that time. Dolphins and ravens and Labrador dogs come close, but they have no future tense in their minds. They understand cause and effects, but they can't sequence forward. It's why dogs in dog shows have to be led from task to task, because they're unable to sequence. They live in a perpetual present, something humans can never do, try as they may. And the reason Luke is thinking about time and free will is because he believes that money is the closest human beings have ever come to crystallizing time and free will into a compact physical form. Cash. Cash is time crystal. Cash allows you to multiply your will, and it allows you to speed up time. Cash is what defines us as a species. Nothing else in the universe has money.
Douglas Coupland dans Player One

Je viens juste d'entamer Player One et c'est un peu tôt pour en parler, mais je suis très accroché, c'est exactement le genre de roman que j'aime lire. Douglas Coupland, je l'ai connu avec Generation X qui m'avait fortement impressionné, puis avec Microserf qui a été longtemps dans mon top 10 des romans préférés. Coupland a eu des très bons et des moins bons romans mais il figure dans mon panthéon d'écrivains dont je chéri les livres, dans la même famille que William Gibson, Neal Stephenson et Cory Doctorow.