mercredi 9 mai 2012

On the street

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Yesterday, Monday, I decided to venture a bit in Paris to snatch some street photos. I didn't really made up my mind on what I wanted to shoot but some street photo was definitely on my agenda. I wandered in the tourist district between La Concorde, La Madeleine and Rue de Rivoli. I didn't shoot much however. The weather was mostly cloudy, not a great light, no sun. The light was very flat. I like the slanted sun rays of the evening and the pockets of reflected lights that you can find in the streets. Yesterday there was none of that. There was a lot of elegant looking women but I'm not The Sartorialist, so I wasn't really interested. I was about to end my walk and take the metro back home when I stumbled upon this scene. I shoot two times, the first one too much remote, the second one closer and rather well composed. It's the second one that you can see above. It was on the sidewalk on the side of the church of La Madeleine. I think the girl was ultimately aware of being photographed but I was away quickly without even looking at her afterward.