lundi 9 avril 2012

Prison Consulting

Ce qui me fascine avec le capitalisme c'est que n'importe quelle niche peut-être exploitée. Aux Etats-Unis se développe la profession de consultants en emprisonnement ou experts en prisons, professions parfois tenues par des ex-taulards souhaitant faire fructifier leur expérience. Il faut dire que le nombre de gens en prison aux US est énorme.

The Internet and social media certainly have given the business a boost, and the consultants are go-to guests on cable shows whenever a high-profile personality is indicted. The field includes Felony Prison Consultants, Executive Prison Consulting, the Real Prison Consultant, Faceless Prison Consultants, the Prison Coach, the Prison Doctor and others, around three dozen in all.

Their prices range widely; some charge by the hour, some by the service, from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands per client, depending partly on the consultant’s experience and work required. It’s not clear whether the number of customers is growing or just the number of people hanging out a shingle is.

The consultants’ Web sites promote a long list of services, including helping people petition to be sent to a jail nearer to home, getting them into a drug-treatment program that can reduce a sentence or transitioning them to a halfway house. Many people hire consultants simply because they’re scared and want to know what to expect. The consultants teach prison etiquette.

For example? “Never walk across a wet floor,” Mr. Mulholland advised, saying you might mess up the work of the prisoner manning the mop. And then he might kill you.

Prison Consulting Draws New Crop of Ex-Cons -

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