mercredi 4 janvier 2012

New Year's day in Hyères

IMG 0051

The salt-marshes in Hyères (France).

New Year's eve was perfect at my friends' home. We didn't drink too much. We ate some good things : smoked salmon and marinated salmon, foie gras (a French specialty of which I'm not fond, though) and roasted guineafowl.

I don't know if many people eat guineafowl out there. It's a kind of poultry, a very ugly bird as big as a hen with a dark grey plumage dotted with little white spots. The head is featherless, tiny, bony, looking like a vulture's head. The cooked flesh has more flavour than chicken or turkey and is firmer as well.

So, we ate guineafowl and drank a little wine and wished each other a happy new year at midnight. The following morning we had no hangover and were ready to climb the steep streets of Hyères to see the Villa Noailles and the beautiful Parc St Bernard.