dimanche 31 juillet 2011

14ème Amendement

Dans le Huffington Post, Ken Allen pense qu'Obama n'aura pas d'autre choix que d'invoquer le 14ème Amendement de la constitution des Etats Unis pour éviter que l'Amérique soit en défaut de paiement le 1er Août.

"Legal scholars may quibble about whether the 14th amendment allows or compels the president to blow past Congress' debt ceiling, but as a practical matter there is no question that if the president invokes it to avoid a looming economic disaster plain enough for all the world to see, there will be no legal recourse. Because the president has the power to ignore the debt limit, even if he doubts he has the authority to do so, he will be compelled to do so. If Congress is unable to act, he will have, whether he wants it or not, the last clear chance to avoid disaster. Whether he is a naïve ninny, innocent as a baby, and pure as the driven snow or a cynical Machiavellian manipulator without a principle to his name, he has to understand this: if he has the last clear chance to avoid the abyss and does not take it he will not be forgiven by his own supporters, by the American people, or by history itself. However, if he does save the system, he will be a hero to all but the most obtuse economic know-nothings and cynical demagogues. Even Corporate America will have to doubt that it can entrust all branches of government to the Republicans and consequently entrust the economy to the economic nincompoops who have shown themselves willing to destroy it for principles and theories they do not understand. No matter whether the decision terrifies him or disgusts him, President Obama will be compelled to act."

Ne me demandez pas ce que prévoit ce fameux 14ème Amendement, pour moi c'était un Amendement circonstanciel à la Guerre de Sécession et c'est tout. Depuis quelques heures beaucoup de gens disent que l'invoquer est la seule solution au blocage, mais ça me semble ressembler assez fort à un coup de force, non?