mardi 14 juin 2011

Mostly cloudy

Je change un peu la façon de présenter les liens. Le titre du billet n'a par conséquent peu de rapport avec le contenu

The story of “The National”, a US sports daily that, for 18 months, covered sports in a way unknown at the times (1990, 1991). “The National” was the dream of a Mexican billionaire and with a lot of money on the table it lured the best and the brightest sports writers of the times. The story itself is told by the participant's many voices. (Grantland)

By the way Grantland is a new sports web-magazine with big signatures (like Chuck Klosterman, Dave Eggers, Malcolm Gladwell…).

Meanwhile, Bjorn Lomborg has faith in science and technology to save the planet. (Newsweek)

There is a hospital (kind of) at the Everest Base Camp for the trek season (Smithsonian mag): Inside the ER at Mt. Everest

Jon Dobrer muses on Anthony Weiner, the U.S. Representative for New York’s 9th congressional district, who was recently caught pants down (really) on Twitter. Weiner in Doghouse. (Friendly Fire, LA Daily News). Why Dobrer? Because he’s a good opinion writer and an UU pastor and I met him at the wedding of my American niece in Southern California in 2004.

If you have a Mac, there is a nice new RSS reader on the market : Reeder for Mac. It’s the translation for desktop of the famous Reeder for iPad.

Derek Powazek learns How to turn a fan into an enemy in 140 characters and starts a new site to explain web culture.

5 Amazing Hipstamatic photographers

A design history of Oreo cookies, Eucharist wafers, edible bas-relief : The Unsung Heroes of Biscuit Embossing at Edible Geography.

Et la iphoneographie du jour :

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Vue de mes fenêtres ce soir, mostly cloudy

... et une autre :

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