lundi 30 mai 2011

Pitch and power...

From Flight Level 390, a captain blog, on the crash of AF447 :

»» Flight Level 390: Midnight Meditations

The aircraft gave up the protection of Normal Flight Laws and fell into Alternate Flight Laws which is a different ball game. The co-pilots did recognize that event. They were aware of conflicting data from the ADC (air data computers). But why did the two young bucks (quoting one of my retired Captain buds) start increasing pitch angle? Why didn't they ignore the bogus data and fall back on pitch and power? Why, why, why... ?

For one, I am intensely interested in the minuscule details of this event and will read the 200 plus page accident report when it is published.

This post written on the fly, so to speak. I am in the middle of a four day transcon trip. Fly all night and sleep all day... The vampire sched.

Life on the Line continues... Remember, when all else fails... Pitch and power.