mardi 31 mai 2011

Photographes de guerre

From the New York Times Lens Blog:

»» Bryan Denton Has Distinguished Himself in Libya, C. J. Chivers Reports. And Denton Shares His Story With Lens. -

Q. What precautions are you taking?

A. Chris [Chivers] has been great to work with on this story because, as a former Marine with many years of war reporting under his belt, he has a great deal of experience and perspective on how battlefields work and shift.

In Misurata, a great deal of planning and thought went into each story before we reported it; finding out what exactly was happening at the locations we were planning to report from, how we were planning on moving there and how much time we wanted to spend on the ground. Misurata is not a place where you want to hang around on the street and wait for stuff to happen.

Whenever we were outside of the compound we were staying in, we were wearing full body armor, including eye protection. We carried personal medical kits, including tourniquets, in case one of us was wounded while reporting. We’d check with each other periodically, and when it was decided that both of us had what we needed for the story, we’d pull back to our safe house, and get to work on filing the day’s story.

Les correspondants et photographes de guerre en Lybie et en particulier à Misrata. A lire absolument, un article qui explique magnifiquement ce qu'est le travail des correspondants et photographes de guerre.