jeudi 28 avril 2011

In English?

Why don't I write in English for a change?

I blogged (in this blog or another) for ten years. I noticed that writing in English, though a lot tougher than writing in French, is for me a challenge and, when the entry is written and done, brings me some sense of achievement and pride different and more pleasurable than when I write in French. And, moreover, I feel much more motivated to write in English. Writing in English compels me to pay much more attention to words and their meaning and their connotation. Writing in English is a challenge and a much needed recreation from my everyday life. Plus I think it can improve my command of the language.

So, why not?

Because I will certainly lose some readers. Well, I have not many readers to begin with and a good part of them are American, Canadian or British, or else are able to read in English. And I'll write in French from time to time. If I lose some readers so be it. The readers that I deem essential will not be frightened or flustered by the change of language.

Perhaps readers will find me strange or eccentric to write in an other language that my mother tongue. Well, I'm a nerd and used to be called strange and eccentric and I don't care. And there are a lot of French bloggers writing in English, so it will not be unheard of.

And finally I blog mostly for myself, it's a hobby, it has to give me pleasure, it has to give me pride. It's not a change of direction, though that could happen in the future, it's a change, a little change, in the main language written in this blog of mine.

Please, feel free to correct me, either by mail or in the comments below.