dimanche 5 décembre 2010


Digital Devices Can Become Objects of Affection - (NYTimes.com) – (via)

Love for a device that we’d most likely throw away in a couple of years, like a PC, a video player or a cellphone, though, doesn’t make lot of sense. But our relationship to electronic devices has changed so radically in the last few years that designers are beginning to think about our attachments to and, yes, love of electronics like smartphones and tablets. More devices are personal. They have become an extension of ourselves — not in the sense that an expensive watch says something about whom we want to be, but as an actual part of our conscious self.

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¶ Hum, this is weird, you should pay attention to this horrible story : French police bust 'medieval' ring of girl pickpockets in Paris, Bosnian ringleader arrested

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KIOSK - Interesting things from interesting places (the caption says it all).

¶ A good solution to share big files with others : ge.tt

¶ A very long but fascinating Interview with Walker Evans (1971) at ASX.