mardi 7 décembre 2010

Four short links

¶ This odd little bit of the United States is the northernmost point of the contiguous forty-eight states and one of only four non-island locations in the lower forty-eight not directly connected by land within the country. For economic reasons its citizen explored once the idea of seceding from the Union and joining Canada. Story of this geographical oddity in “The Lost Canadians" (The Walrus).

¶ Let's dance Hanukkah with Yeshiva Unversity's all-male group The Maccabeats (nothing interesting here but kind of funny) (YouTube).

¶ Clay Shirky has mixed feelings about Wikileaks : Wikileaks and the Long Haul (Clay Shirky)

If it’s OK for a democracy to just decide to run someone off the internet for doing something they wouldn’t prosecute a newspaper for doing, the idea of an internet that further democratizes the public sphere will have taken a mortal blow.

How Modern Life Is Like a Zombie Onslaught (NY Times) (via)

What if contemporary people are less interested in seeing depictions of their unconscious fears and more attracted to allegories of how their day-to-day existence feels? That would explain why so many people watched that first episode of “The Walking Dead”: They knew they would be able to relate to it. A lot of modern life is exactly like slaughtering zombies.