mercredi 3 novembre 2010

Trap Rooms

¶ BLDGBLOG: Trap Rooms:
Une "trap street" (rue piège) est une rue fictive placée dans une carte afin de détecter les violations de droits d'auteurs du cartographe.
Geoff Manaugh nous indique qu'il existe aussi des trap rooms (salles pièges), des salles fantômes placées sur des plans aux mêmes fins de détection que les trap streets, et il en imagine certains étranges effets ou ludiques usages :
I'm also curious about less practical things, such as what cultural, even psychological, effects the presence of trap rooms might actually have. Games could be launched, the purpose of which is to find and occupy as many trap rooms as possible. New paranoias emerge, that the room featured above your apartment on that new app you just downloaded is not really there at all; it's a trap room, and you can't sleep at night, worried that you actually have no neighbors, that you're the last person on earth and every building around you is a dream. There are panic attacks by people walking home alone at 3am when they become overwhelmed with the suspicion that they are actually walking inside a trap hall—a corridor that has never been real—losing consciousness and falling to the ground as irrational fears become too much for them. An Atlas of Trap Rooms is soon released...
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