jeudi 4 novembre 2010


¶ Digital Semaphore: the 2D Tag - (Boing Boing):
Le QR code de l'URL de Mnémoglyphes
Glen Fleishman dans Boing Boing nous dit tout sur les 2D tags ou QR Codes. N'avez-vous jamais été intrigué par ce nouveau type de barcode? Moi si.
I'm a 2D tag freak. These squares of dots and rectangles seem as exotic as hieroglyphics, even though they're as mundane as yesterday's junk mail. A 2D tag (sometimes called a 2D barcode, even though there aren't any bars) uses all two glorious dimensions to encode data. This provides a much denser blob of information. A 1D barcode might incorporate just a few digits; a 2D code occupying the same space, dozens to hundreds of characters. The most common format is QR Code, although there are several others. And the most common text to be encoded is a URL. (QR Code is patented and has other protections, but creator Denso-Wave has foresworn enforcement.)