lundi 12 juillet 2010

Will Wright on TED

Will Wright makes toys that make worlds | Video on (via)

But basically, the reason why I make toys like this is because I think if there's one difference I could possibly make in the world, that I would choose to make, it's that I would like to somehow give people just a little bit better calibration on long-term thinking. Because I think most of the problems that our world is facing right now is the result of short-term thinking, and the fact that it is so hard for us to think 50, 100 years, or 1,000 years out. And I think by giving kids toys like this and letting them replay dynamics, you know, very long-term dynamics over the short term, and getting some sense of what we're doing now, what it's going to be like in 100 years, I think probably is the most effective thing I can be doing, probably, to help the world. And so that's why I think, personally, that toys can change the world.

Pour les francophones et étant donné que Will Wright parle à toute vitesse, vous pouvez afficher les sous-titre en Français: cliquez sur "view subtitles" et choisissez la langue Française.