mardi 11 mai 2010

Quick notes blended together

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending the point of view, this year I have only one source of income, so my tax return is easily done. A pain in the ass nonetheless! I'm not at all against paying taxes, although I'm reluctant to actually pay them! I understand the necessity of redistribution by the means of state and I'm seldom critical of the way the state spends the taxpayer money. That is not to say that paying taxes is not painful however, it's inevitable -- like death, exactly -- that's all.

As a rule I don't find French political satire funny, what we call here "les chansonniers", I don't even read Le Canard Enchainé, the French political gossips and satire weekly paper. I don't like Stéphane Guillon (a hard core satirist). I don't like the "Guignols" show on TV. They don't make me laugh. I must make an exception of Laurent Ruquier who I find funny enough. But I like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher! They make me laugh, a lot. I watch their shows sometimes, I listen to Bill Maher on podcast and I laugh. Is it the language? Is it because the people they are making fun of are far away from my country and my problems? Is it because they are American? Is it because their humor and satire is much better than ours?

I'm cold, the sky is grey, the rain madly whiping the windows, I have to go outside two or three times today. I just would like to go to bed and sleep this day out.