lundi 5 avril 2010

Easter Monday, doing nothing

Awakened by a big fight upstairs. The neighbors. Screams and stampede, slammed doors, the works! I got up, took a shower, they were still fighting, no violence as far as I can hear but a lot of loud arguing. When he's not fighting with his wife the husband upstairs is playing guitar and singing. Always the same song: "New York, New York", again and again. Guess his wife had had enough of it. They fight often. I don't think they have kids. Why people makes themselves so miserable? Why do we reproduce the same toxic pattern again and again in our lives?

Today was a holiday, Easter Monday. It is the beginning of the spring holidays, we have successively Easter Monday, Labor Day (May, the first), Victory Day (May, the 8th) , Ascension Day and Whit Monday. A nice mix of religious and secular holidays.

I went in Cachan for lunch with the family and friends of the family and went back home early, had a nap and it was the evening. Watched "Le Voyage de Chihiro" on Arte TV, I love this movie a little less than "Mononoke" but still it's a great piece of wonder and poetry. I did practically nothing today. Ah, yes! I made this blog to show some Typekit fonts (well, you can see it only if you have a recent browser, if not you're stuck with old Georgia, which is not a bad font anyway). I like to tinker with the design of my blog, even if it doesn't matter whatsoever because everybody reads it in RSS readers nowadays.

So, Easter weekend went by very quickly. Yesterday Sunday I finally wrote an e-mail I dreaded to write. It's no big deal but the writing of it was bothering me. It's done and I feel a lot lighter. Let see how it turns out in the days to come.