mercredi 31 mars 2010

Short links

The Sheriff: portrait de la Secrétaire pour la Sécurité Nationale (Homeland Security Secretary), Janet Napolitano, dans The New Republic.

Afghanistan, March, 2010 - The Big Picture: livraison mensuelle de photos d'Afghanistan sur le site du Boston Globe.

In blueprint for Haiti, U.S. takes new approach to aid - Washington Post:
For the U.S. government, which has spent billions of dollars on nation-building efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Haiti presents a new and complex test. Even before the earthquake, the country's government was dysfunctional and notoriously corrupt. Now, all but one of its ministries are in ruins. Nearly 17 percent of Haiti's civil servants died in the disaster, including many senior managers, according to the aid request to Congress.
Les États Unis ont fourni pour 4 milliard de dollars d'aide à Haïti depuis le séisme.

Militia Charged With Plotting to Murder Officers - NYT: Wingnut news! Le FBI a procédé à l'arrestation d'une belle bande de cinglés:
The Hutaree — a word Mr. Stone apparently made up to mean Christian warriors — saw the local police as “foot soldiers” for the federal government, which the group viewed as its enemy, along with other participants in what the group’s members deemed to be a “New World Order” working on behalf of the Antichrist, the indictment said.