dimanche 7 février 2010

Quick & Dirty:

- Apple iPad's rejection of Adobe Flash could signal the player's death knell - (Washington Post) {en}: what is the meaning of the blue cube on Safari for iPad, maybe the end of Flash!

- Congo conflict: 'The Terminator' lives in luxury while peacekeepers look on (Guardian) {en}.

- Experience: We survived the bubonic plague (The Guardian) {en}: incredible story, plague exists in the 21st century.

- Jonny Wilkinson, particule élémentaire (Le Monde) {fr}:
Il faut l'avoir entendu chercher dans son français impeccable la traduction la plus fidèle de son interprétation du principe d'incertitude de Werner Heisenberg, pilier de la physique quantique, pour comprendre que Jonny Wilkinson ne sera jamais un rugbyman comme les autres. Le demi d'ouverture, recrue du Rugby club toulonnais (RCT) et revenant du XV d'Angleterre, qui commencera son Tournoi des six nations, samedi 6 février, contre le Pays de Galles, est même un sportif comme personne. Une icône sur laquelle n'adhère aucun cliché.

- RainyMood.com: listen to a gentle thunderstorm while working on the computer, a good idea.

- Panopticlick: how to know what your browser say about you.

- Maps and macroscopes by Matt Webb (Scroll Magazine) {en}: beauty in the fabric of the universe, I agree.

- Piccadilly Circus on Christmas Day (Image JPEG, 1024x692 pixels) by antimega on Flickr: nice view of this usually crowded place without any crowd.

- They Write For You {en}: "This mashup demonstrates the influence of British MPs in newspapers, showing those MPs who have written newspaper articles, and the potential influence of party politics in mainstream media". Interesting visualization.

- The U.S. National Archives joins the Commons at Flickr {en}: tons of historical photos.