Annales de l'humour:
Faux ami

Via l'excellent blog d'un professeur à Harvard spécialiste de politique française, notre président à nous, qui hélas maîtrise mal l'anglais, a sorti un de ces redoutables "faux amis" qui parsèment la langue anglaise.
Hillary Clinton was in town last week. She denied in a speech that there was any coolness and reassured Europe of the administration's undying commitment. There was an amusing moment when she dropped in to visit Sarkozy at the Elysée Palace, according to le Canard Enchaîné. Super-Sarko, always eager to try out his English, tried to apologise to the Secretary of State about the miserable Paris weather. What he said was: "I am sorry for the bad time" (Time -- [temps ] -- and weather are the same word in French).

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