Links and thoughts of the day (2009-12-06)

Songs — Memories: one day in late November, on I10 in Houston, in my nephew's Corvette, with Springsteen's Outlaw Pete on the stereo...

2009 in booksThe best books of 2009 (Publishers Weekly) and 100 Notable Books of 2009 (New York Times).

Technology — In Jane Austen days the mail in London and environs was very quick and delivered six times a day. For instance a letter send before 10am would be delivered at noon. Jane Austen and her sister wrote some 3000 letters in their lifetime, constantly sharing the minutiae of their life. Rings a bell? Actually it was a lot like e-mail or Twitter says Sarah Milstein and the human motivation was the same as today: "communicate instantly and let other people know what you ate for breakfast" and that "our human patterns are surprisingly consistent, and technology evolves to meet us. "! Fascinating stuff.

Graphic design8 Jaw-Dropping Dental Logos: in France no dentist have logos! Those dental logos are elegant graphic design works.

CinemaDouble-X Films (The Atlantic): the films of Nora Ephron and Nancy Meyers shows a better world where empathy is good stuff.

USThe Fall of Mexico (The Atlantic): Philip Caputo writes report on the border towns of Mexico and the war on drug cartels there. This chaos claims some 14,000 people killed in three years. M. Caputo has a great report in The Atlantic.

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