American suburban landscape (7)

I tried to be respectful of reality, to favor truth over beauty, to document the suburbia, the Houston suburbia, but it's always me who glances at these houses, my glance, my mood at the moment of the picture. I like this landscape. The styles of these houses inspire me and make me laugh and disorient me a little, interest me.


Fake manor, Houston. The house are made of wood or chipboard and plaster, the bricks are only for decorating.


Clapboards, but these are not in wood, it's some metallic clapboards, strange isn't it?


Tudor? Fake, anyway!


I never took a picture of a house which didn't surprise or amuse me.


The plantation style is frequent.


American suburban contemporary, most definitely!

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Suzi a dit…

I love your chronicle of suburban customs and houses! The metal clapboards are used so that people do not ever have to paint their houses..j'amais!