The happiest place on earth (links du jour)

Only three links today, I'm very tired, had a rough day at work and can barely understand what I read...

How Mr. Q Manufactured Emotion Dustin Curtis:
Mr Q begins to teach me about theme park philosophy as we fly off the coast of South Carolina. Disney World is a manufactured experience. Its environment is more ‘real’ than reality, and that’s part of why it’s such an exciting place. Everything in the park -- from leaves stapled onto trees for covering up empty holes to artificial rocks in the planters -- has been carefully and deliberately designed and placed for the sole pursuit of achieving the perfect environment. When a visitor’s eyes scan the park and see everything in perfect harmony with his expectations, he is overcome with the feeling of bliss. “This is what makes Disneyland the happiest place on Earth,” Mr Q tells me, “This is why people love Disney parks.”

Captives by Lawrence Wright, a thoughtful account of the situation in Gaza and what happened during the Israeli attack. An interesting story in the ever well written and well researched New Yorker.

The History of the Internet in a Nutshell. From 1969's Arpanet. I learned a lot in this essay.