vendredi 18 septembre 2009

New York City longing [en]

I am often missing New York City in some strange ways, barely five month after my last trip there. Sometimes it's a certain quality of the light, a sound, a color, a voice from some passer-by that reminds me of Manhattan and I'm oddly moved, sometimes it's the rumble of the metro, the clatter of some shoes on the pavement, a remote siren's sound, and memories flow. I'm not prone to nostalgia, usually. Is it nostalgia this feeling of sadness and joy, this saudade? More of a longing, an unfulfilled desire to be there, in the city I love. And it reaches out to the United States at large. Yesterday I was leisurely listening to a country radio station on iTunes and an ad for Home Depot gave me this kind of feeling. As I don't feel for Home Depot particularly, I believe that I never walked into one of these stores in my life, it was, I guess, the speaker's voice, his american accent, his western twang, that appealed to me. Like some voices scraped from a dream.