lundi 13 juillet 2009

tired of this city {en}

I went out this afternoon, I had to return some overdue books at the American Library (even if it's closed today, one can slip the books in a kind of letterbox, for books anyway, not for letters). I rode the bus 80 which is direct but very slow, usually. Today Paris was deserted and the journey was quick. We crossed the Champs Elysées on our way, the parade is tomorrow and there are some big preparations going on. Everywhere one can see workers putting up scaffoldings and cops keeping watch closely, painters, sweepers and a lot of tourists looking lost. Later I followed two Indian soldiers in uniforms playing tourists, for India is our guest of honour this Bastille Day. On the Champ de Mars a big stage is constructed for Johnny Halliday's show tomorrow night (and I guess the fireworks). The sound system was blaring crap music all day long, very loudly indeed. People were stretched out everywhere on the very ugly and dirty grass. I can't understand the pleasure to sit on this awful grass, in this dusty and noisy place. I just fled. I had some errands to do at La FNAC. I stopped at FNAC Forum, get the stuff I wanted and proceeded to the cash registers. There were long lines at the cash registers but I have, as a faithful and regular customer, a special card called Card One, which allows me to go to a special cash register where the line is quite short. Unfortunately the other customers are unaware of this privilege and were a bit shocked, and sometimes vocal, to say the least, to see us, Card One holders, passing in front of them to our special and dedicated cash register! It was an awkward situation and I found myself obligated to explain the Card One privileges to some quite dumbfounded people. It was a hot day. I went home sweaty and irritated, had an e-mail argument with my brother, and wrote this. I really enjoyed to write this in English. So the day is not completely lost despite my hesitations, changes of mind and general fecklessness.


On the Champ de Mars today, with the big stage for Johnny.


This dog understands everything!


The sky tonight over Paris.