samedi 11 juillet 2009

funeral party {en}

I thought about MJ. The memorial ceremony the other day was weird and of in poor taste. The golden casket, the B-celebs uttering their phony eulogies and showing their emotion in front of the cameras for the world to see. It was a long show, much too long and not a good one. Stevie Wonder was good but the others... MJ was a wonderful dancer and a talented show-man, but he was no Beethoven or Mozart, not a musical genius and not an angel anyway. He played the weirdo and used endlessly his eccentricity, real and imaginary, for a gullible public who idolized him. He was no saint, a ruthless business player (ask Paul McCartney...) and an addict. The people who were speaking or singing yesterday tried to pass him as a victim of celebrity and a generous benefactor of humanity, spreading peace and love all around him. He was generous of with his fortune but didn't sacrifice anything for his charities. No Mother Teresa or Sister Emmanuelle. He was a famous and talented and very disturbed (and disturbing) show-man suffering from the curiosity and adulation he managed to create for himself, not a role model.