samedi 8 décembre 2007

noël noël

Dyker Heights in Brooklyn is famous for its blocks of lights, tinsel and papier-mâché, but the house of a woman named Lucy is practically infamous: Her small lawn and front steps are crammed with hundreds of four-foot figurines, including 40 trumpet-blowing plastic angels, and the garlands of Christmas lights are brighter than an airport landing strip. Lucy, who looks and sounds like a pint-size Victoria Gotti, claims that she was the first on her block to decorate a house 20 years ago, and when neighbors complained, she went nuclear, hiring a band to play carols on the sidewalk. "You don't like it, then go away on vacation for 30 days," she said. "What can I tell you?"
(New York Times : Tuning In to a New Winter Sport: Extreme Decorating)

Encore une bonne raison de détester les fêtes de fin d'année!