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Dyker Heights in Brooklyn is famous for its blocks of lights, tinsel and papier-mâché, but the house of a woman named Lucy is practically infamous: Her small lawn and front steps are crammed with hundreds of four-foot figurines, including 40 trumpet-blowing plastic angels, and the garlands of Christmas lights are brighter than an airport landing strip. Lucy, who looks and sounds like a pint-size Victoria Gotti, claims that she was the first on her block to decorate a house 20 years ago, and when neighbors complained, she went nuclear, hiring a band to play carols on the sidewalk. "You don't like it, then go away on vacation for 30 days," she said. "What can I tell you?"
(New York Times : Tuning In to a New Winter Sport: Extreme Decorating)

Encore une bonne raison de détester les fêtes de fin d'année!

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Territoires Poétiques a dit…

héhé, je m'arrange pour les passer ailleurs...ça les fait passer (je ne sais pas comment,je te dirai ça après)

R J Keefe a dit…

Too awful to think about!

When I was a kid, my parents would drive to houses like the one in the story that they had heard about.

Then an Italian family (with alleged mob connections, bien sûr!) moved onto our street, and there was no longer a need to drive anywhere.