samedi 6 octobre 2007

le retour des nerds

Nerds work hard. They accomplish great things by using all that time that others waste on fashion and personal hygiene. They are very goal-oriented, except of course, in playing sports. Their eyesight is completely correctable. They can balance the checkbook. They can actually help the kids with their homework. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, their kids may also turn out to be nerds. Nerds are to electronics what grease monkeys are to automobiles, and similar in grooming habits. Nerds are good for the economy. They have single-handedly saved thousands of jobs in the pocket-protector industry. And of course, nerds have great potential for generating income. Who is worth more, the talented, suave and debonair Tiger Woods, or the King of Nerds, Bill Gates?

"And don't forget the perception of nerds in the media. Catch the wave, man, catch the wave! There are new shows in the fall lineup like The Big Bang Theory on CBS and Chuck on NBC where the heroes are unabashed nerds. And it doesn't stop there! The "nerd revolution" on TV continues with another show on Friday nights called NUMB3RS. The stars are a somewhat repressed FBI agent and his genius, mathematician brother. The genius/nerd brother (played by the guy who was the head elf, Bernard, in The Santa Clause movies) helps the FBI solve crimes by blindingly clever statistical analyses and forecasts of criminal behavior. And it is starting its fourth season. Nerds have staying power!

"Then there's the genius nerd Goth girl, Abby, on the Navy crime show NCIS. She's the wizard lab tech who helps the Navy solve crimes by blindingly clever forensic analyses of crime scenes. (I think that she was also cloned on another one of the crime-genre shows, but I can't remember which one.) This is important because they are GIRL NERDS. A growing demographic!"
Dans le blog : 1000 nerds! Etant moi-même passablement "nerdy" je ne peux que me réjouir!