le new york times soutient hillary

Comme c'est l'habitude dans la presse américaine le New-York Times déclare qu'il soutient Hilary Clinton pour l'élection au poste de sénateur de l'Etat de New York, poste qu'elle occupe depuis 6 ans.
Au passage le journal ne ménage pas ses éloges :

Mrs. Clinton has been an excellent senator — hard-working and in close touch with her state. (.../...) Watching Mrs. Clinton do her job, we have been impressed by her mastery of even the most obscure details of New York’s problems. Her ability to work with Republicans has been a pleasant surprise. She has won the genuine respect of most of her colleagues in Washington, and she seems to have found a forum in which her lifelong wonkishness can be put to good use. It seems as if in the Senate, Mrs. Clinton has found her true calling.